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The Best Educational Robot Ever.

Being a great teacher is about knowing how to teach, but also about being fun and engaging. That’s ClicBot.

Ten 20-minute video courses for all levels. HQ content that’s fun to watch and follow.

ClicBot Academy

For beginners to pros.

Block-based coding based on Blockly by Google, with editable Python in the background for advanced users.

Drag-and-drop coding

Learn from others and let them learn from you. The perfect combination of creativity and education.

ClicBot Community

He’s a Multitalent

1000 robots in 1

Just a few of his physical abilities:

With 50 (yeah, 50!) pre-defined setups and over 1000 potential setups, ClicBot is designed so you can get creative for years and never repeat the same set up twice.


Wall Climbing




He’s Soooo Cute

With over 200 interactions

Character designed by a Pixar mastermind

Carlos Baena worked on Toy Story 3, Ratatouille and other films as a character designer. He designed ClicBot’s character and personality to be something everybody loves.

He’s Mega Fun

Some games he can play

Play, laugh, compete, dance.


Red Light Green Light

Get to the center spot

Ghost Catcher

Ball Chaser

Distance Keeper

The Brain

A powerful piece of technology that enable Bic and Bac to hear, see, think, and more

The Parts

Smartest building blocks ever




Distance sensor

Foot Pressure sensor

Suction Cup


Phone Holder

How Did We Make a Robot that shifts a paradigm?

With 4 core principles:

1. Emotions first

When students love their teacher, amazing things happen.

2. Long lasting interest

Feature rich products have value for years.

3. Everybody matters

When all family members get value, education is exponentially better

4. Approachable technology

Simplifying coding into a visually playful experience

Welcome your new family member.

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